Gilian AirCon-2 High Volume Sampler
Gilian AirCon-2 High Volume Sampler

Gilian AirCon-2 High Volume Sampler

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The AirCon-2 sampler is a high volume unit with an extended flow range, designed for collecting particulate in a given plant area. It is ideal for asbestos background and clearance sampling, following NIOSH, OSHA, or EPA methodology, and for ambient dust monitoring. The AirCon-2 System is available in a a programmable version that operates off either AC or battery power. It comes with an adjustable tripod mast and connecting hose to hold the filter cassette at the proper height and isolate the filter from the vibration of the unit. The cassette and filter media must be ordered separately. All Samplers are warranted for one full year.

Programmable AirCon-2 Sampler

The touchpad and LCD display on the front of this DC powered unit allows the user to program as many as three custom timing routines for unattended sampling up to 99 hours. The program feature can be used to control starts and stops to the sampling run, as well as delays, holds, and number of cycles.

Programmable units include an instant fault function. When the unit is operated out of its performance envelope, the AirCon-2 sampler will terminate the sampling run and lock in the time. A flashing word


Worker Exposure

Area Monitoring

Particulate Monitoring


Asbestos Monitoring



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