Flybotix Drone Inspections Teams up with Pine Environmental

Pine Environmental has announced that Flybotix ASIO PRO Drone Inspections is their new channel partner for Remote Visual Inspections (RVI). Pine Environmental is a leading equipment provider in North America, offering various services, including daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term rentals. They also provide sale purchases, rent-to-own, and financing options.

Flybotix ASIO PRO Drone is a revolutionary drone designed for fast, efficient, and safe inspections in industrial assets, particularly in indoor and confined spaces. With a flight time of up to 24 minutes, it provides more than twice the time on site compared to other drones, thereby extending the accessible range by a factor of two.

The ASIO PRO Drone also features remote FHD live stream, 4K camera with 12-megapixel, patented propulsion system, oblique lighting, stabilization lock control to wall/ground/ceiling, 3D map generation, and much more.

Jim Findlay, Director of Business Development, is elated and honored for the opportunity to partner with the Pine Environmental team as we continue to support the expansion of the Confined Space UAV Inspection industry in the U.S. and North America!  With Pine’s leading position in the North American market for Environmental Monitoring, Nondestructive Test and Remote Visual Inspections, providing access to Flybotix’s leading-edge UAV technology to their North American customer base will ensure a rapid, high-quality level of service to expedite the adoption of the ASIO Pro for the Industrial Inspection Market. We couldn’t be more excited to enter into our ‘Solutions Partnership’ with Pine as we are today!

Maurice Eddy, Director of Operations and Sales, NDT-RVI, is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership as the authorized distributor and rental provider of the groundbreaking UAV Caged Drone System. This strategic collaboration empowers us to deliver unparalleled technological advancements to esteemed clients across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, construction, mining, and nuclear industries. By joining forces, we aim to offer state-of-the-art aerial systems that enhance efficiency and productivity for our valued customers.

See the Flybotix ASIO Pro Drone detail page and request a quote for rental or purchase.

About Flybotix
Flybotix serves various industries worldwide, including sewers management, hydropower plants, oil & gas, maritime, and chemical plants. The Flybotix ASIO Drone offers market-leading flight time, enabling high-efficiency inspections.

About Pine:
Pine Environmental Services LLC, established in 1995, is a trusted provider of equipment for environmental monitoring, nondestructive testing (NDT), remote visual inspection (RVI), safety, and field supplies. They offer state-of-the-art equipment for various monitoring purposes, including air & gas monitoring, water testing & monitoring, soil testing, sound & vibration monitoring, survey & telemetry monitoring, safety, emergency response, NDT, RVI, field supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Pine Contact: Maurice Eddy
Director of Operations & Sales, NDT-RVI
92 North Main Street, Bldg. 20
Windsor, NJ 08561
Mobile: 407-590-210

Flybotix Contact: Jim Findlay
Business Development, USA
Mobile: 734-658-7257