Temporary USA Fuel Surcharge Policy

To:           Our Valued USA Customers
Subject:  Temporary USA Pine Fuel Surcharge to Take Effect on May 9, 2022
Date:       April 21, 2022

Dear Valued USA Customer:

As we move through Spring and towards Summer of 2022, Pine would like to again thank you for your continued business and the opportunity to serve you with rentals, sales, repair service, and technical support. We remain committed to enabling your success through the use of our equipment and support of our people. 

You are all aware of the inflation pressures in the economy, especially in fuel prices. The national average for a gallon of regular gas this past week was $4.120 according to data from AAA on April 20, 2022. At the same time a year ago, the average was $2.878. As a result, Pine has been heavily impacted by the recent gas price escalation.

Part of Pine’s service to customers is the option of delivery in a Pine vehicle. As a result of these unprecedented gasoline prices, we have decided to implement a fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge will be implemented on May 9, 2022 and included on invoices after this date. For customers that choose to pick-up and return equipment from our Branches, there will not be a fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is only for one-way delivery (either pick-up or drop-off, but not both). Customers can also choose to have equipment shipped. In this case, only the prevailing shipping costs will apply, there will be no added fuel surcharge.

The delivery fuel surcharge is per order and will be based on the distance from the servicing branch to the three-digit zip code delivery location (first three digits of the zip code). The charge will be $0.15 per mile.

Pine takes this decision very seriously. We see this increase as temporary and it is our hope that we can remove this fuel surcharge as gas prices return to mid-2021 levels.


Canada Fuel Surcharge Policy

To:           Our Valued Canada Customers
Date:       April 21, 2022

Dear Valued Canada Customer: 

Canada is not enrolled in the fuel surcharge program at this time. We will provide updates if this should change.