CTD-Diver DI271- 10 Meter

CTD-Diver DI271- 10 Meter

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Where there is a need to monitor groundwater levels and salt water intrusion , injected wastewater, or contamination from chemical discharges and landfill sites, the CTD-Diver® with its 22 mm diameter rugged, corrosion proof ceramic (zirconium-oxide) housing, is the instrument of choice.

The CTD-Diver is a submersible datalogger for long-term uninterrupted, real-time water level monitoring using a pressure sensor when submerged at a fixed level under the water surface. The pressure sensor measures the equivalent hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor diaphragm to calculate the total water depth. In addition, to a pressure sensor the CTD-Diver is also equipped with a 4-electrode conductivity sensor for measuring the true or specific electrical conductivity of the water. The Diver autonomously measures conductivity, pressure and temperature and records them in its internal memory. The Diver is ideal for ground and surface water level applications.

The CTD-Diver is equipped with a four-electrode conductivity sensor that measures electrical conductivity from 0 to 120 mS/cm. There are two options for measuring conductivity: true or specific conductivity at 25 °C.

The CTD-Diver can store 48,000 measurements (date/time, pressure, temperature and conductivity).

The CTD-Diver has the following sample methods: fixed length intervals, event dependent, averaging and pumping test.

The CTD-Diver is available in the following pressure ranges: 10 m, 50 m and 100 m.

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