Geotech FieldSink™ Environmental Water Sampling Station
Geotech FieldSink™ Environmental Water Sampling Station

Geotech FieldSink™ Environmental Water Sampling Station

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The patented FieldSink™ Environmental Sampling Station is a portable system that offers hands-free sample collection and preparation in the field. It is a simple yet innovative design that revolutionizes the industry standard of tried and true low-flow and purge and sample methods. Engineered with sample integrity and quality control in mind, FieldSink™ improves efficiency and safety while reducing waste.

Photo showing FieldSink being used as a low-flow sampling station. Geopump peristaltic pump, tubing, and sample bottles are not included.


Improves sample integrity and quality control

Increases productivity through sampling efficiency

Reduces fieldwork labor and associated costs

Contains risk of contaminant releases to the environment

Consolidates components into a single, portable package

Provides a hands-free sampling experience

Adaptable for pumps that use 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" OD tubing

Compatible with most standard 5 gal. pails

Made with virgin HDPE materials – PFAS-Free

100% recyclable materials

Made in the USA


Public and municipal health drinking water

Water sampling of rivers, lakes, ponds, ocean, surface, and groundwater


Well water

Factories and small businesses


Marine applications

Quantity must be 1 or more

Complete FieldSink Kit Includes 
1 ea.Discharge Container – Translucent 5 gal. Bucket, Graduated, with Foam Grip 
1 ea.Workstation Base – Serves as a work area with bottle and tool storage 
1 ea.Drain Tray – Flat working platform for sample bottles and flow cell
1 ea.Tube Guide – Height and side-to-side adjustable sample tube management 
3 ea.Splash Guards – Sized to individually fit 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" OD Tubing 
1 ea.Stability Cord (3 ft.) and Cord Lock
Manuals, Data Sheets & Software