MGD 2002 Helium Leak Detector

MGD 2002 Helium Leak Detector

Pine Item #51306

The MGD-2002 leak detector is designed for one-handed operation of all functions.

Equipped with tactile membrane keypad, all selections are easily confirmed with a distinctive 'click' and the back-lit display can be viewed in all light conditions.

The MGD-2002 is supplied with a built-in headphone jack for use with the audio indicator.


Utilizes either Helium or Hydrogen* as a tracer gas

Time-Lapse Bar Graph Display

Tactile Membrane Keypad

Operates in automatic (survey) mode or manual mode

One Hand Operation

Lightweight telescoping ground probe with boot

Headphone Jack for Audible Monitoring

Backlit LCD Display

Audible or Digital Output


Leak detection

Municipal water systems

Residential water / waste systems

Radiant heating systems

Petroleum delivery systems

Buried pipelines

Underground storage chambers / tanks

Industrial air / gas liquid piping systems

Electronics industry

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Technical Specifications

PowerBattery: Nickel Metal Hydride 6 to 8 hours run time
Temperature Range14 °F to 113 °F (-10 °C to 45 °C)
Humidity Range10% rH to 50% rH
SensitivityMin = 25 ppm
Tracer GasesHydrogen (H) Helium (He)
Response Time5 seconds (approx.)
ResolutionLow range = +/- 25 ppm
Unit WeightUS: 3.1 lbs Metric: 1.6kg
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