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The DataRAM 4 (Model DR-4000) continuously monitors the real-time concentration and median particle size of airborne dust, smoke, mist, and fumes. In addition, air temperature and humidity are displayed. With appropriate particle discriminators it provides measurements correlated with PM10, PM2.5 and respirable fractions. Its patented two-wavelength particle detection system provides the volume median particle diameter of the sampled aerosol, over a concentration range of up to 400 mg/m3. Unlike typical particle counting devices, the DR-4000 is totally immune to particle coincidence errors, even at the highest concentrations. Volume median particle sizes down to 0.05 micron can be measured by this unique spectral nephelometric technique. This patented technique provides a continuous measurement of PM 2.5, independent of particle size and moisture- without heating, diffusion drying, or denuding the sample stream.


Datalogging for work-shift monitoring

Monitors mass concentrations of fine particulate (PM 2.5)

Compact rugged and totally self-contained

Designed for portable operation as well as unattended fixed-point operation

Powered by internal rechargeable battery or by an AC power supply/charger (included)

Instrument automatically checks its own optical background during the zeroing sequence and indicates any significant deviations requiring maintenance

Covers a wide measurement range from 0.0001mg/m3 (0.1µg/m3) to 400mg/m3 a four million-fold span ranging from very clean air to air with extremely high particle concentrations

Complete large-capacity (50000 data point) internal datalogging capabilities with data retrieval on screen or through an externally connected computer

Stored information includes individual point averages particle size temperature and humidity with time information as well as overall average and maximum concentration and tag numbers

Selectable alarm levels with built-in audible signal as well as switched and signal outputs RS-232 and RS-485 communications ports and a programmable analog (voltage and current) concentration output

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Technical Specifications

Range0.0001 to 400 mg/m3 (autoranging)
Accuracy+/- 2% of reading
Particle Size Range Maximum Response0.1 to 10µm
Sample Flow Rate1.0 to 3.0 liters/minute
Datalogging50000 data points in up to 99 data goups
OutputRS-232/RS-485 port
PowerSealed lead-acid battery up to 20 hours operation or AC operation with adapter


Dimensions6.54 x 8.90\" x 12.87\"\"166 x 226 x 327 mm


Weight12 lbs5.44 kg
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