PXD-261 Pressure Transducer

PXD-261 Pressure Transducer

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Measures water pressure with 4-20 mA output signal. A quick disconnect cable attaches to the pressure sensor.

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Suitable for high-pressure environments

Fully submersible cable and connector

Stainless steel construction

Electronically isolated 4-20 mA signal

Highly accurate and stable pressure sensor

Excellent thermal stability

Vented or non-vented

Less than 1-in diameter

Available in seven pressure ranges

1/4-in NPT threads for piping installations

Extend cable up to 4500 ft without signal loss

No field calibration required


Aquifer characterization

Marine and reservoir monitoring

Long-term monitoring

Packer installations

High-pressure piping

Industrial and municipal monitoring

Regulatory monitoring

PLC and SCADA systems

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Operating PrincipleStainless encased integrated silicon strain gauge bridge
Wetted Materials316 stainless steel, Viton®
Length8.5 in (21.6 cm)
Diameter0.86 in (2.2 cm)
Weight1 lb. (0.45 kg)
Signal Current4-20 mA
Min. Warm up Time50 milliseconds
Range15 PSI (35 ft, 11 m)
20 PSI (46 ft, 14 m)
30 PSI (69 ft, 21 m)
50 PSI (115 ft, 35 m)
100 PSI (231 ft, 70 m)
250 PSI (577 ft, 176 m)
Accuracy±0.05% full scale @ 15°C (59°F)
Pressure Rating2X full scale
Operating Temperature5° to 30°C (41° to 86°F)
Storage Temperature-40° to 125°C (-40° to 257°F)
CableQuick-Connect or stripped and tinned
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