Radiodetection RD7000+ Universal Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator with TX5 Transmitter
Radiodetection RD7000+ Universal Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator with TX5 Transmitter

Radiodetection RD7000+ Universal Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator with TX5 Transmitter

Pine Item #54764 / 54763

Rent together - these two items have been designed to complement each other (may also be rented individually).

Item #54764 RD7000+ Universal Precision Cable, Pipe, and RF Marker Locator. Locating specific pipes, cables, and utility RF markers in large underground networks are very complex. Ground distortion effects, caused by differing soil types and proximity to other conductors, make the user's job more difficult and time-consuming. The most important requirements for a locator under these circumstances are ease of use, accuracy, and reliability. Radiodetection's RD7000+ Utility Locator range addresses these needs with many features that deliver accurate, reliable, and repeatable performance. The new RD7000+ marker locators - denoted "˜M' add RF marker locating to the range, with automatic marker depth estimation and Bluetooth ® connectivity as standard.

Item #54763 T-5 Multifunction Signal Transmitter. This signal transmitter has been designed to complement the RD7000+ high-precision cable and pipe locator. All transmitters feature constant current across their entire bandwidth in all modes (direct connect, clamp, or inductive mode), and deliver convenience on-site with an IP65 ingress protection rating, removable accessory tray, and a large, high-contrast, backlit LCD screen.


Lightweight and designed with ergonomic comfort

RF utility marker locator with automatic depth estimation

The compass visually indicates the orientation of the target cable

Proportional Left–Right Arrows visually indicates the orientation of the target cable

Dynamic Overload Protection extends the RD7000+’s locate capability into areas where other products fail.

RD7000+ marker locator models offer Bluetooth connectivity as standard

Automatic data logging and CALSafe (PLM and TLM models) PLM and TLM models feature integral logging systems

Transmitter TX-5 model is capable of delivering up to 10W of true output power, maintaining constant current across their entire bandwidth in direct connect, clamp or inductive modes to enable fast and repeatable surveys

TX-5 model features 8kHz Fault Find functionality


Construction industry - a broad range of active frequencies for rugged construction

Water industry - user working in pipe location and inspection

Power industry - features fault find capability, enabling cable faults to be precisely located

Telecom industry - locating high impedance sheathed telecom cables

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Technical Specifications

Sensitivity5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic Range140dB rms/vHz
Maximum depthLine: 20' / 6m\nSonde: 50' / 15m RF Markers:\nNear Surface: 2' / 60cm Ball Marker: 4.9' / 1.5m\nMid-Range: 5.9' / 1.8m Full Range: 7.9' / 2.4m
Depth accuracyLine: ± 5% tolerance 4\" / 0.1m to 10' / 3m\nSonde: ± 5% tolerance 4\" / 0.1m to 23' / 7m\nRF Markers: ± 15% ± 2\" / 5cm up to the maximum depth
Locate accuracy± 5% of depth
Fault-Finding (FF)Diagnose cable sheath faults from short circuit to 2M? using the\nA-frame
Max Transmitter Power output1W (Tx-1) 5W (Tx-5 and Tx-5B) 10W (Tx-10 and Tx-10B)
Dynamic overload protection30dB (automatic)
BatteriesCable and Pipe Locator:2 x D-cells (LR20) or optional Li-Ion battery pack\nMarker locator: Li-Ion battery pack or 3 x D-cells (LR20)\nTransmit
Battery Life (continuous usage)Cable and Pipe Locator:Alkaline up to 13 hours\nMarker Locator: Li-Ion or Alkaline up to 25 hours\nTransmitter: Alkaline up to 23 hours
Warranty12 Month standard 36 Months upon registration
ComplianceFCC RSS 310 RoHS Weee CE Bluetooth
WeightCable and Pipe Locator:4.2lbs / 1.9kg (including alkaline batteries) Marker Locator: 4.6lbs / 2.1kg (including Li-Ion battery pack) Transmit
Dimension (H x D x W)Cable and Pipe Locator: 25.5\" x 11.3\" x 4.9\" / 648 x 286 x 125mm\nMarker Locator: 25.5\" x 11.3\" x 7\" / 648 x 286 x 177mm\nTransmitter: 14\" x 8
ConstructionInjection Molded ABS Plastic
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Operating Temperature14 to 122°F / -10 to 50°C
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