ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Module
ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Module

ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Module

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The 2150 Flow Module uses continuous wave Doppler technology to measure mean velocity. The sensor transmits a continuous ultrasonic wave, then measures the frequency shift of returned echoes reflected by air bubbles or particles in the flow.

The 2150s "smart", area velocity probe is built on digital electronics, so the analog level is digitized in the sensor itself to overcome electromagnetic interference. The probe is also factory-calibrated for a 10-foot (3 meters) span at different temperatures. This built-in calibration eliminates drift in the level signal, providing long-term level stability that reduces recalibration frequency and completely eliminates span recalibration.

Infield use, the 2150 is typically powered either by two alkaline, or Isco Rechargeable Lead-acid batteries, within a 2191 Battery Module. Highly efficient power management extends battery life up to 15 months at 15-minute data storage intervals. Other power options (including solar) are available.


Rugged submersible enclosure meets NEMA 4X 6P (IP68) environmental specs.

Chemically resistant epoxy-encapsulated sensor withstands abuse resists oil and grease fouling and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning.

Replaceable high-capacity internal desiccant cartridge and hydrophobic filter protect sensor reference from water entry and internal moisture.

Pressure transducer vent system automatically compensates for atmospheric pressure changes to maintain accuracy.

The quick-connect sensor can be easily removed and interchanged in the field without requiring recalibration.

Up to four 2100 Series flow modules can be networked by stacking and/or extension cables.

Secure data storage. All data are continuously stored in flash memory to protect against loss in case of power failure.

Easy to upgrade. New operating software can be downloaded into non-volatile flash memory without affecting stored program and data.

Records and stores input voltage and temperature data.

Variable rate data storage lets you change the data storage interval when programmed conditions occur. This feature assures maximum information about an exceptional event – such as an overflow – while conserving power and data capacity during normal conditions.

38400 bps communication provides speedy setup and data retrieval.




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Technical Specifications

Materials of Construction:High-impact polystyrene stainless steel
Enclosure (self-certified):NEMA 4X 6P (IP68)
Temperature Range:-40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C) operating and storage
Power Required:12 VDC nominal (7.0 to 16.6 VDC) 100 mA typical 1 mA standby
Power Source:Typically an Isco 2191 Battery Module containing 2 alkaline or 2 rechargeable lead-acid batteries. (Other power options are available; ask
Typical Battery Life:(using 15-minute data storage interval) Energizer® Model 529 alkaline - 15 months; Isco rechargeable lead-acid - 2.5 months
Program Memory:Non-volatile programmable flash; can be updated using PC without opening enclosure; retains user program after updating.


Size:2.9 x 11.3 x 7.5 in74 x 287 x 191 mm


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