Magnaflux ZB100F Ultraviolet MPI Detection Lamp
Magnaflux ZB100F Ultraviolet MPI Detection Lamp

Magnaflux ZB100F Ultraviolet MPI Detection Lamp

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The ZB100F is a portable, 100 watt black light that produces longwave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers. The polycarbonate Air-Flo™ bezel allows air to cool the lens in the rest position, and helps keep operators' hands away from the lens during use, protecting them from burns. The cord-through-handle design reduces operator fatigue, improves balance and provides greater safety. Its tough aluminium housing withstands rugged use and the recessed lens design protects the lens and bulb from damage.


Cool running for increased safety and comfort

Extended bulb life for greater operating efficiency

Polycarbonate bezel shields operator's hands from the lens

Cord-through-handle design reduces operator fatigue

Rugged aluminum housing and reinforced fiberglass handle

Recessed lens for bulb protection

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Technical Specifications

Weight:Hand lamp with transformer - 12.5 lbs
Typical Output:5,000 µ/cm2
Current Draw:1.9 Amps
Typical Visible Light:10 Lux or 1 foot candle @ 15" (38 cm)
Bulb:100 Watts
Running Temperature:85°F (30°C)
Cord Length:Lamp to transformer - 10 feet
Main Cable Supply:12 feet
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