Tinker & Rasor Model M/1
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Tinker & Rasor Model M/1

Pine Item #54254

The Model M/1 Holiday Detector is a highly sensitive device designed to locate holidays (pin holes, voids, etc.) in thin film protective coating of relatively high electrical resistance when such films are applied to the surface of material of low electrical resistance. In these applications, such as painted metal surfaces, the Model M/1 Holiday Detector will locate these points very accurately with an audible signal.


67.5v DC output

Power LED

Audible & Visual holiday detecting indicators

80kΩ - 90KΩ resistance

On-board calibration verification

3.5mm Headphone jack

Battery operated (9v) (A/C version available 115v / 240v)


Use on thin film coatings on conductive substrates such as tanks, concrete, etc.

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Technical Specifications

Output67.5v D.C.
Metal Resistance80 ohm.
Concrete Resistance90 ohm.
DimensionsUS: 5 x 4 x 2 f. Metric: 127 x 101 x 50.8 mm
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